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Ranking Financial Equities

Tell the Peracton platform what you are looking for, and even if there is nothing that meets these requirements exactly, the Peracton platform will always return a list of the ranked closest fit equities.

Design & Test
Back-test your investment strategies.
Design your investment strategies in accordance with your style of investment.
Do 'What if' scenarios and fine-tune your investment strategies
Performance, Sentiment and Risk Parameter Analysis
Build your OWN mix of fundamental, technical and sentiment parameters and be in control over your investment window of opportunity
Advanced Editor
Define your financial strategies in Python with code completion.


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Research & Development

We are currently involved in the following R&D initiatives:

High Speed Trading

Augmenting the analytics capacity and performance of (Pattern) Day Traders.

Financial Big Data, Risk and Regulation

Compliance monitoring

Cyber Threat Security in the Financial Cloud

Real-time cyber threat detection and analysis

EU Projects

Academia and Research&Development


  • The Peracton platform provides me with a clear easy-to-use interface for performing complex stock market analytics. Based on my chosen stock selection criteria for long/short positions, I can narrow down potential investments to the top 20 or so which most closely match my preferred performance criteria. These selections are based on the most recent fundamental and technical data which gives me confidence in the Peracton platform selection results. This allows me to spend more time analyzing the presented stocks in much more detail in order to further refine my selections. Based on initial trials with the Peracton platform, I have seen significant gains on both my long and short stock position. This is a fantastic tool for anyone interested in investment from beginners to professionals!

    Daniel Coakley, Ireland – private trader
  • Being familiar with many different stock selection software, I can say that the Peracton platform is in a league of its own. With the Peracton platform, I can search through thousands of stocks in seconds, using an extensive range of parameters to define my strategy. When I have my selected stocks, I can then test their performance over a period of time with the Portfolio Manager tool, and can tweak any step of the process with ease thanks to the user friendliness of the software. With its powerful ranking system, I am confident that the stocks the Peracton platform finds are the best stocks for my strategy.

    The Peracton platform is an essential tool for me. It is fast, comprehensive, accessible, and most of all I have complete confidence in its searches, that the stocks it finds are the best fit for my strategy.

    David Henry, Ireland – private trader
  • The Peracton platform really helped me with screening stocks for academic work even with very little experience in trading and screening. I did not need extensive training to get started as the process and the interface were really intuitive from the beginning. I feel that other screeners do not give me as good of a mix between flexibility and robustness. With the Peracton platform I was able to develop a trading strategy within minutes and then fine tune it to my exact preferences. The back-testing feature is great for anyone who wants to put their strategy to the test and was also a key factor in my final strategy choice. I believe that Peracton platform should (and most likely will) be an everyday tool for all traders.

    Luik Johannes, Ireland


The Peracton platform identifies winning strategies and proves they work. The Peracton platform helps generating investment & trading ideas.

250+ financial parameters (Fundamental, Valuation, Technical, Buy/Sell signals) can describe a Stock. Considering that there are 10,000+ stocks on just a few stock exchanges, to read and process all that information correctly in order to invest or trade is mind-boggling. The human brain and excel spreadsheets just can’t do it.

We are a small-medium size IT company based in Europe with its headquarters in Galway, Ireland. PERACTON was founded in 2010 and build as an agile company to provide cutting-edge financial software via the Cloud.

We develop and exploit advanced enabling technologies to solve complex business analytics problems for investment in the area of Stocks, Funds, ETFs, Bonds, Portfolio Management, Risk Assessment and algorithmic trading, as well as other solutions for investment management and the retail banking space.

Our Peracton platform allows both Investors and Traders to simultaneously screen and rank in a stable manner, any set of equities on any preferred exchange, based on individual risk and performance criteria. The power of the Peracton platform allows complex, high volume calculations and backtesting, to determine which equities best suit a particular risk profile with a simple click of a button and convenience of repeating this evaluation as often as they want.

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