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2013: PERACTON TO POWER SOCIAL SCIENCE COMPUTING HUB Galway, Ireland (April, 2013) Whitaker Institute. A Social Sciences Computing Hub at the Whitaker Institute, NUI Galway, has been formally launched by Dr Jim Browne, President of NUI Galway. The ‘Hub’ is a unique facility that will serve both as a repository of diverse social science databases, quantitative and qualitative, and a computing resource that can be used by researchers across the University.This one-stop facility will enable access to diverse data, analytics, visualization and computational resources for research clusters across various Social Science research institutes. The architecture of the Hub will be set up in such a way that it will provide remote access to university users, both on and off campus.“The first phase of the Hub ‘Advanced Business Analytics Laboratory (ABAL)’ has already begun its training programme in business analytics. NUI Galway has partnered with Standard and Poor’s Capital IQ to provide access to our platform on the ABAL. Together with our Industrial partner Peracton, the ABAL provides state-of-the-art equity analytics platform – MAARS - via the cloud. Both these platforms will be used in training advanced business analytics, trading and investment techniques, historical back-testing, strategies consolidation and high frequency trading techniques using the financial market data.[..]” Read more at:

2012 PERACTON: A SMART SEARCH FOR INVESTMENTS Dublin, Ireland (March, 2011) New Tech Post. Trading in stocks and financial markets can be a complicated process. A cursory glance at the news at any time over the last five years would tell you that even the so-called experts have a tendency to get it wrong more often than not. Laurentiu Vasiliu, a researcher at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), at NUI Galway, founded Peracton to help both individuals and corporate multinationals negotiate the complicated and volatile stock markets. [...] The MAARS platform algorithms can analyse the hundreds of parameters, across thousands of stocks, to show any would-be investors what options most closely mirror their desired investment portfolio. If you are looking at US stocks on the main exchanges like NASDAQ, or the New York Stock Exchange,” explains Laurentiu, “Altogether there are maybe 4,000 stocks, and each stock describes up to 200 financial parameters.” For an investor who wishes to exercise due diligence in their financial dealings, the sheer level of detail involved in analyzing hundreds of stock options, renders it impossible to do so, “The human brain just can’t work in this way” he says.[..] Read more at:

2011 FINANCIAL MARKETS: ART TO SCIENCE DUBLIN, Ireland (September, 2011) -- Technology Ireland How analytics could be applied to solving massive realworld problems, is evidenced in the work of Galway-based spin-out Peracton. At the core of Peracton’s suite of products is a software algorithm called MAARS, which helps investors make informed decisions based on what is happening in the financial markets and on what companies on the stock exchange are declaring about themselves. “A stock has about 50 financial parameters attached to it for an investor to read,” says Laurentiu Vasiliu, CEO, Peracton. “ If you consider there are possibly 10,000 stocks on, say, the London and Irish stock exchanges, for somebody to read all that information is mind-boggling. The human brain just can’t do it. “Our software extracts this data, allows the user to pick financial parameters they want and within a second it is ranking the exact match or the closest fit for what the client wants from stock exchange data or funds data.” While now investment is more of an art, with managers finding it difficult to determine why an investor made a particular investment on a particular date, Peracton’s tool puts science into investment, which is as it should be, says Vasiliu. ends-- source: Technology Ireland, September/October 2011 issue

2011 PERACTON FEATURES IN SOGETI BOOK SEIZE THE CLOUD DUBLIN, IRELAND (April 4, 2011) – SILICON REPUBLIC Peracton Ltd, a spin-out start-up of NUI Galway’s Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), features in a new book by SOGETI, titled Seize the Cloud, which offers guidelines to successful cloud computing. The publication is targeted at business professionals in finance and introduces them to cloud-based technologies. The book also discusses how a range of companies have employed cloud computing to improve their business. Peracton has developed MAARS technology, which helps solve complex business and analytical issues in the investment management and the retail banking space. The company’s MAARS technology product range includes solutions for mutual funds selection, stock watch list, ETFs and other complex financial products. The technology was initially developed within DERI at NUI Galway and through Peracton. The original MAARS technology development research has been funded by Enterprise Ireland and Science Foundation Ireland. A report by Forrester in 2010 claimed that Peracton's MAARS was the Hot Technology to Watch for 2010. A Forrester excerpt states: "Focusing on solving the core industry-specific business problems is the next big wave in the tech industry. Nowhere is it more evident of technology's unique role in solving business problems than in the highly tech-dependent banking market." ends-- source:  

2011 NUI Galway Spin-Out Company Targets Finance Markets GALWAY, IRELAND (January 31, 2011) A spin-out company of NUI Galway’s Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) - Peracton Ltd. has partnered with FusionExperience to offer one of Peracton’s flagship products MAARS  Fund Management Analytics to the market. The technology was initially developed within DERI at NUI Galway and through Peracton, the MAARS technology is being offered to the finance/business world. The original MAARS technology development research has been funded by Enterprise Ireland and Science Foundation Ireland. MAARS is a platform that provides complex analytics decision support for most common equities selection (stocks, funds, ETF etc.), audit and compliance as well as forensic capabilities. In a recent report of summer 2010, Forrester claimed that Peracton s MAARS was the Hot Technology to Watch for 2010. A Forrester excerpt says: "Focusing on solving the core industry specific business problems is the next big wave in the tech industry. Nowhere is it more evident of technology s unique role in solving business problems than in the highly tech-dependent banking market." Professor Manfred Hauswirth, Vice-Director of DERI at NUI Galway said: "Peracton is a direct outcome of the foreseeing investment of the Irish government into the Smart Economy to create indigenous companies in the knowledge economy. Peracton successfully demonstrates how the "research-to-industry pipeline" can work: from Science Foundation Ireland funded basic research, via Enterprise Ireland supported translation into industrial strength products to a new Irish company providing jobs and producing tax income." ends-- source:  

2011 FUSIONEXPERIENCE ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT WITH PERACTON TO DISTRIBUTE FLAGSHIP MAARS FUND MANAGEMENT ANALYTICS PRODUCT IN THE UK. LONDON, UK (January 24,2011) – FUSION EXPERIENCE FusionExperience, the dynamic business and technology solutions provider to the financial services community today announces its partnership with Peracton an Irish based finance technology solutions company. The partnership will allow FusionExperience to offer Peracton’s flagship MAARS fund management analytics product. The MAARS solution is a decision support system for asset managers, hedge funds, private banks or anyone who is looking to build a comprehensive fund portfolio that delivers “best fit” funds to investment managers according to specific parameters they have set. It provides fast consistent analysis and comparison of hundreds of funds at the touch of a button by evaluating performance and risk against multiple pre-requisites with variable weighting. Gordon Easden, Practice Leader, FusionExperience says: “The partnership with Peracton will allow us to add the impressive MAARS analytics application to our already extensive set of offerings. This can only be good news for our existing and potential clients further increasing the excellent end to end service we provide to the financial services community. We look forward to working closely with Peracton in the future.” Richard D’Silva, UK Business Development Manager, Peracton says: “At Peracton we are really excited about working with FusionExperience.  Not only does Fusion provide a great opportunity for MAARS to get the right exposure to key people in the Investment and Asset Management space but also their experience in the Financial Services industry will be invaluable as we develop and release more MAARS financial analytics applications in the coming months.” ends-- source:

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